About Teachgroups

Our origins

The Teachgroups development team was founded in 2020 in Rio de Janeiro to produce a support tool for online language teaching. The application immediately proves to be a general and versatile tool, and is offered to that public of institutions, private teachers, public and private companies engaged in training activities, seeking an agile approach e structured to the production of own and personalized digital contents online, such as tests and courses, for any subject or discipline

Our mission

Offer to the responsibles for teaching or training activities a tool that allows them to better manage teaching / training activities, with particular emphasis on
- the quality, organization, management and control over the distribution of digital content of tests and courses
- simplicity and transparency in the management of relations with final recipients (students / trainees)
- the possibility for the same user to use the platform in different roles, eg. to use it for their own private teaching or to serve as a school teacher etc.

Where we are

Teachgroups - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de janeiro - Brazil